Hi Fusioneers!…
Welcome to 101FREEChristianDating help! Here you can find answers to common questions on using Fusion101 like photos, searching members, getting your profile noticed, mail issues, chatroom help and dating advice, plus lots of other questions and answers I will be adding and updating as I get your queries! Click a help link from the left navigation or try typing your question into the search box at the top of the page and choosing the most relevant help article.

101 is run by 1 person (me – Edward:) so please try my help pages first, but feel free to email me if you cannot find an answer to your question using the contact link at the bottom of this site. To get started just type your question in the search box above (eg. ‘mail’ or ‘photos’) or use the links at the top or left of this page!

One last note – you probably noticed 101 is a little archaic. That’s because from 2001-2014 I was not able to update my site which I am now able to do. (1) is to make the site mobile friendly (done of sorts); (2) to fix major bugs (done); (3) to move old info pages to proper CMS (done – what you are looking at now); (4) to add better features like distance searching and larger/more photos (to do); (5) make all 300,000+ profiles in the database searchable! – people who have long since forgotten they are on the site that have been automatically hidden from search results. I am now working on (3) and (4) but can’t do (5) without a server upgrade as all those members would make it fall over. If you think it’s a useful service and want to help me sort the site out please consider a small donation here.

God bless  you – Edward at Fusion101.com