101 has served many different people groups and Christian singles communities around the world since it was designed in 1998-9 and launched in 2000. These include single Christians from all church denominations such as Methodist, Lutherans, Protestant, Pentecostal, Messianic, Mennonite Catholic, Presbyterian, Nazarene and Orthodox singles as well as international Christians from all over the globe including Australia, UK, Canada, Russia, Brazil and we have members from just about every country where there are Christians and churches!

101 free Christian Singles website has initiated hundreds and hundreds of successful marriages internationally and helped in the creation of dozens of godly Christian families – some stories of which you can read about on our testimonials and success stories pages.

One of the things we pride ourselves on is being a safe website where singles can be free from Internet scammers and fake profiles as believe it or not, many dating services – especially the free ones and almost without exception, are made up of largely bogus profiles. 101 are very careful to manually vet every single new member’s profile and account and also monitor the site with our member’s help 24-7. The result is that comparatively we have very few incidences of people being scammed or attempts being made to con other singles on our service and this is confirmed by several independent reviews on 101 Free Christian Dating you can read about here.

Our free service has single Christian men and women from varied backgrounds and of many ethnicities including African American Christian singles, Chinese, Asian, Black, Latino and Hispanic, South American and South Asian single Christians. If you have a preference to meet someone of colour or from another country or race then you can contact members abroad using our free service in a few clicks. Just complete the simple signup forms and let us know when your account and profiles is filled out and you can just the approval queue for a small donation or wait for us to approve your account totally free – usually within a few days dependent on the amount of admin that needs doing (we are a small enterprise and most of the work is carried out by a single person:)

On this page you will see links to the various singles groups we cater for around the world and we hope to expand the number of members from foreign – non-english speaking countries with new sites we are creating in several different languages such as Spanish, French and Portuguese. We hope you can meet some great people on 101!

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