Hi…. welcome to my international testimonials, marriages, letters and dating site reviews! Here I’ll share the latest 101FREEChristianDating success stories, of 100’s weddings, engagements, great meetups and experiences, letters and even 101 babies!

Colin & Carly – Marriages & Weddings (UK)

“Hi Edward

– apologies for the delay in writing back and sending you the wedding testimony/photo you asked for. Here is a photograph from our wedding in May! Thanks to you for all the work you have done with the fusion101 Christian singles website. Me and my wife are so thankful that through your dating site… more ►

John & Clare – Marriages & Weddings (Canada)

“Hi Ed,

I thought you might like to hear a success story!
A few months ago I met a man on your site and we are planning to get married this summer. I am originally from Canada, living in England on a short term basis and the man I’ve met has always wanted to live in Canada so we are moving there in the spring… more ►

David  & Mel – Marriages & Weddings (USA/Philippines)

Hello Edward,

my name is David. I was a member (gzusfreek7) for a period of time; until I met my wife — Mel  on 101 Christian Singles!!!!! I am 35 years of age, serving the Lord for 16 years, and never married— waiting patiently for the woman God would have me to marry. I came across this beautiful and Godly woman… more ►

Andy & Loraine – Marriages & Weddings (UK)

“Hi Fusion 101,

we are writing to ask you to remove both of our profiles from 101 Christian singles as we are getting married! We would like to thank you for helping us get together and for the fantastic singles ministry you run, helping the forgotten singles in the church to find the possibility… more ►

Robert & Sophia – Marriages & Weddings (UK)

“Dear Edward,

a widower, I met some lovely Christian ladies through Fusion, but none of them hit the spot, until I met a terrified Loveday at a garden centre toward Cambridge. We both love Jesus. I’m a geriatric Anglican Lay Reader. Loveday is a fantastic keyboard player and we got married in March and have enjoyed every moment together. Even a… more ►

Helen & David – Marriages & Weddings (UK)

“Dear Ed,

yup, we really did meet on 101 Christian singles!! My dating and personal life had not been great for various reasons and I felt a bit vulnerable and oh so single after a recent break up, and had been praying for God’s guidance. Despite this, I tried online dating as lots of friends talked about it. I got a fair amount of response but it was a bit overwhelming and hard to separate the wheat from chaff so to speak… more ►

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